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Such a tool.

Everyone needs a tool in life.

Preferably not of the jerk male variety, but I suppose those guys can teach a lady a lesson about what not to want or accept.

What I'm really talking about here is kitchen tools. My life in the kitchen didn't really come to fruition until my dad bought me some nice knives.

Not my first nice knife, but my go-to now. (It's a Henckel)

Oh, how I struggled with bell peppers until I had a nice knife...

My collection of tools keeps growing. It makes storage in my pantry-less kitchen quite the challenge. But I love my tools, and they make my meals all the better. And easier.

I present to you: the microplane grater.

It is so much easier to zest citrus with this handy-dandy grater. A regular grater works, but this works faster.

You can also never go wrong with varying sizes of fine mesh strainers:

These make juicing a cinch (as well as a slew of other tasks...)

One of the newest additions to my kitchen is this kitchen scale.

Of course, you don't tr…

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