Pantry Essentials

It took me years to reach this point - I have a well-rounded pantry that only requires specific ingredient grocery trips. Here I'll keep a running list of my vegetarian pantry essentials (though my house is missing a pantry, and I have to creatively store all these things.) It will update as I update the blog.

Canned or "Canned"Goods
Dry Goods
  • Kikkoman panko bread crumbs (I see they have a whole-wheat version - I would buy this if Publix carried it!)
  • Pasta - I buy BOGO, so the brand varies. However, Ronzoni carries a line of whole wheat and "ancient grain" pastas that I tend to favor lately. I always have:
    • fusilli or rotini (as far as I can tell, manufacturers don't differentiate)
    • linguine or fettucini (there is a difference - fettucini is wider)
    • spaghetti
    • thin spaghetti
    • angelhair
    • penne or ziti 
    • some specialty pasta - like mezzeluna or something (that is usually bought per meal and leftover if I don't use all of it)
  • Dried beans (a heaping 1/2 cup = 1 can of beans)
    • black 
    • pinto
    • lentils (brown)
    • lima 
    • chickpeas/garbanzos
    • navy (what I use in place of cannellini in recipes)
    • great northern
    • black eyed peas
    • split green peas
    • Other "exotic" types I stock:
      • orca
      • cranberry
      • puy lentils
      • red lentils
  • Publix brand deli parmesan (in a wedge - it tastes so different than the bagged parmesan)
  • Heavy cream
  • potatoes (a big bag; I prefer gold)
  • elephant garlic
  • microplane grater
  • box grater with attached measuring cup
  • good quality knife
  • good quality pots and saute pans
  • kitchen scale

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