In an effort to keep myself from getting obnoxious...

I never stick with blogging. But I think I can do this - instead of cluttering Facebook with my many food posts, I am going to attempt to blog about it here. I don't want to be one of those "food-bloggers" - because I don't come up with anything original, and most of what I cook comes from those food-bloggers. I'm enjoying cooking so much right now, I want to document it somehow. I think I should do it this way - give people a choice to see it, rather than cluttering their newsfeed with all my photos. This will help Jasmine, too, who requested links for recipes.

I'm no expert photographer - I have a point-and-click Canon Powershot, which, despite its point-and-click nature, takes pretty good photos. This won't be as pretty as those food blogs - and this blog platform is likely less versatile than their blogging platform.

So here goes nothing - 

Breakfast this morning was poached eggs and Ezekiel 7-Sprouted Grains toast topped with Earth Balance Soy-Free spread (trying to stay away from those GMOs).

I'm making the attempt to try and eat as naturally as possible - and Ezekiel bread is part of that. All natural, no preservatives. I often make breadcrumbs myself, and I usually use the Publix brand wheat sandwhich bread to do so. I was slightly dismayed when I looked at the label the other day - a ton of stuff I can't name, and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup behaves biochemically the same way as sugar does, but after learning how it is made, I want to avoid it. I returned the Publix wheat to the shelf, walked over to the Greenwise market section, and got some Ezekiel out of the freezer. (By the way, I happen to live near a Publix that has a huge Greenwise section [4 half-rows, I think], and this alone makes it my favorite Publix, ever.)

As for the poached eggs, I got a microwave poacher at TJ Maxx the other day. I attempted to poach my eggs yesterday using the directions provided, and the eggs exploded. "Exploded" may be too big a word - popped, I suppose. I texted my dad, knowing he likes poached eggs, and asked for tips. To my great surprise, he told me to text Papa (my g-pa). "He texts?!" I responded. I shot him a text and discovered he is an excellent texter. He told me how he prepares them, and they turned out pretty well this morning. One was a bit runny, but I'm working on it.

By the way, these eggs are local, from Cow Creek Farms. They're so fresh that they often have chicken poop on the shells. Kinda gross.

I topped my poached eggs with Sun-Ripened Tomato Salt from Old City Salts (also local), and cracked pepper.

More on eating local later --

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