It's that day I don't really celebrate but my family does.

It is, as the truly devout (my significant other's co-worker, for instance) call it, "Resurrection Day." I prepared a pasta salad for my S.O.'s family get-together. It's an Asparagus Pasta Salad - the recipe comes from here ( has good vegetarian recipes). And I, of course, made some modifications. I decided to add some red onion (which came from Local Fare.)

I decided to roast the vegetables instead of blanch or steam them - I love roasted veggies. I used a tiny bit of Canola oil - since the dressing for the salad calls for olive oil, I wanted to keep those bad LDLs low. Normally, though, I roast my veggies with olive oil. I eyeballed the veggies after about 15 and then 25 minutes, and decided they were done. I read online that you should roast veggies separately, but I combined the onions and pepper.

Meanwhile, I halved some grape tomatoes. Here's another modification - the recipe called for whole tomatoes, chopped, but I like grape tomatoes in pasta salad. 

I also cooked the pasta - whole wheat fusilli. The recipe calls for elbow, but I'm not a fan. (Also, I tried to research the difference between fusilli and rotini - there seems to be no consensus.)

Here's the dressing - my "special" olive oilNewman's Own balsamic vinegar, and Inglehoffer stone ground mustard. Inglehoffer is probably the best mustard I've had, ever. I make an almond "chicken" dish with it that is to die for.

The dressing called for dried basil. I had some fresh on hand from Local Fare, so I chopped that and added it in at the end.

Roasted veggie success.

Assembled with fresh basil, freshly cracked salt and pepper. Here's to hoping it goes over well - 

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