pop art.

Much of the art in Pop Art seems to mock commodification. Andy Warhol's painting "Gold Marilyn Monroe" figures her as the new Virgin Mary. He seems to be making some kind of statement on the dynamics of celebrity and celebrity worship. I often wonder why American society, (myself sometimes included) worships celebrities so much. Frank O'Hara seemed to discuss this as well, in his poem "Ave Maria," where movie theatres seemed to become the new churches.

What I find interesting about celebrity worship is that it comes with a huge price for the celebrities. They happen to be attractive and able to act, so they make a lot (likely, too much) money starring in movies. The price, though, is that they are constantly hounded by paparrazi. They also are elevated to a god-like status. Every action is examined for flaws, and somehow, people of society think that they have the right to judge the celeb's morality.

I do believe that I love Angelina Jolie, and if I could paint, I'd probably paint her as much as Warhol painted Monroe. That may be an exaggeration, because I do not write poems about Jolie the way O'Hara wrote them about Lana Turner. Still, I am quick to jump to her defense any time someone calls her "trashy." I think that she and Brad Pitt had a connection that they couldn't pass up. He just happened to be married at the time. If they saw an opportunity for happiness, good for them. Shut up Jennifer Anniston.

Now I've become "one of them." One of those that passes judgment on celebrities. The art in Pop Art, I believe, both embraces and rejects this notion. For some pop artists, maybe Warhol, celebrities did have a god-like status. Some pop artists may have mocked the idea of someone who just happens to be pretty and able to deliver a few lines being like a god. What I do like about some of pop art is that the mundane can become the spectacular. Found objects, or comic book drawing styles, become high art.

Maybe American society needs to take a chill pill and find something productive to do with their time. I saw this as a reformed celebrity watcher. I used to follow celebrity news on a few different websites. I decided it was unproductive so I found websites that actually increase my knowledge. However, I still can't resist a little news on Angelina. And yes, we are on a first name basis.

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