"A Successful Week," says the boy. "Food Week?" says I. "Yes," says he.

The boy has really enjoyed this week's dinners. I suppose I still have tomorrow for him to only kind of like something, but I consistently don't cook on Fridays. So we'll see.

Tonight's recipe comes from my co-op, Local Fare (recipe here) - Healthy Mustard Greens and Bulgur with dates. I've never had bulgur before (the boy hadn't even heard of it.) I bought Bob's Red Mill brand - the only kind Publix had, but I'm always glad to purchase from Bob's Red Mill. Their products are minimally processed and highly rated. In my city, it's really the only way to buy some of the more rare grains. It is worth the expense by far.

1 cup of bulgur to 2 cups cold water - bring to a boil and simmer for 12-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, I toasted some chopped walnuts over medium-low (and burned them a bit, but not too much.)

When the bulgur finished, I put it in my strainer and rinsed with cold water. Look at that gorgeous texture! Bulgur, by the way, is 100% whole grain, and therefore incredibly healthfully beneficial.

For the greens - 2 sweet onion tops (local), cooked in 6 tsp extra virgin olive oil until starting to brown. Then, I added in 1 tb garlic and cooked until that wonderful garlic fragrance comes out but not until burning (about 15 seconds).

The (local) curly mustard greens cooked down almost immediately, when added with 2 tb water and chopped, pitted dates. My pan got dry, so I put in 1 more tb water and cooked for a few minutes.

I had a tiny, tiny amount of asparagus left over from the fideua in a "green" bag (one that preserves produce longer than just regular storage options - I highly recommend Debbie Meyer green bags over the cheaper ones I found in Publix's produce section. They work wonders.) I sauteed it with a bit of Earth Balance soy-free spread, 1 clove garlic, and a few shakes of thyme. Then I added in some lemon juice (fresh would be best, but I never use lemons in time, so I use the bottled kind).

This is definitely our healthiest night this week! Before serving, I drizzled it with olive oil and stirred in the toasted walnuts. I paired my dinner with some chardonnay and French Pantry's squaw bread (my favorite of their breads by far!).

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