A "meaty" meal, and cocktails beforehand.

I thought I had everything on-hand for tonight's meal, but I was inspired to attempt my first Bloody Mary. I had some time to kill while I "quick-soaked" my dried navy beans, so I jaunted to Publix for some Grey Goose (so expensive and so worth it) and some other ingredients for the Bloody Mary.

It turned out pretty well. I got some really great suggestions on Facebook for creative improvements!

So, as for dinner - tonight's recipes come from my co-op, Local Fare (recipe here). So did a good portion of the ingredients! Yay for supporting local farmers...

For the sauce, I used some pure maple syrup instead of molasses, and Organicville barbeque sauce

Garlic, local rosemary, local red onion, local collards -

Morningstar Farms sausage patties, thawed and chopped, and navy beans, then the sauce.

On the side, a vine-ripe tomato salad. I added a few splashes of balsalmic vinegar, since it seemed a bit too lemony. The feta is reduced-fat, of course.

It went over very well with the boy. Sometimes we like to remember what it was like to eat meat! Generally, though, I like to avoid meat substitutes. I happened to have a Target coupon for the sausage patties, and Publix happens to take competitor coupons, so...yeah. I feel a bit badly. But I did it.

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