Quick Snack - Roasted Cabbage Slices

I was bored. Really, really bored. I just came home from Planning Day, which is always a good, productive day. I should have kept going when I got home - that's how productive my day was.

I couldn't find satisfaction in anything I did - I played Zuma for a while, surfed Facebook - and was still antsy. I tried watching something on Netflix, to no avail. I've had some aging Napa Cabbage in my fridge, and I'd been craving roasted cabbage for a while, so I decided to roast it.

Napa cabbage doesn't slice well - more traditional cabbage would probably work better or this. I just sliced a few pieces, as this was more of an experiment than an actual attempt.

I found a recipe that sounded good, and used coconut oil (which I just got, at World Market).

I melted the oil in the microwave (which, to my surprise, takes a very short amount of time, about 5 seconds), and drizzled it on some parchment paper. I put the cabbage slices on the pan and rubbed them in the oil a bit (I like flavor, and this seemed the best way to get it.) I drizzled the remaining oil over the top, and ground some salt and pepper over the slices. Then, I topped with a light sprinkling of basil.

I baked at 400°F for about 10 minutes. They were delicious! Lesson learned: less oil. Having never used coconut oil before, I had no idea how much to use.

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