Okay, universe. I cave.

To get those darned nutrients, you make smoothies. We were given a blender, so I decided the universe was mandating that I make smoothies, even though the process kind of annoys me.

I decided to start with a more fruit-based kale smoothie, and chose the "Winter Spice Kale Smoothie." I found the recipe here. It's a great site, with lots of kale smoothie recipes and videos. I watched the video for this smoothie, and the guy is pretty funny. What really sold me on this guy was this line from the recipe: 1 large apple, or 4 tiny-ass apples.

1 tb ginger
1 banana 
1/2 cup apple juice
shake of ground cloves
shake of cinnamon
2 drops vanilla
1 large apple (I used 3 small)
1 large kale leaf

As ever, the chopping. Endless chopping. The video suggested creating the base first, with the apple juice, banana, and ginger. (Side note: I had to run to Winn-Dixie, which I generally loathe, to get the bananas, since I forgot them at Publix and the Winn-Dixie is closer. A "homeless" woman asked me to buy her 20 yogurts, and I offered to buy her bananas instead, to which she agreed. When I gave her the bunch of bananas, she refused them because they were "too green." I'm not sure I'll attempt feeding the homeless again, and maybe should just drive to Publix next time.)

Then, I chopped the apples, skins on for those pesky nutrients. The skin texture doesn't quite go away once blended, which kinda sucks. I put in the cinnamon and cloves (which was much more than a dash, because of the free-flowing caps), and the "drops" of vanilla, which really turned into about 1/2 tsp I think...

After I blended the apples (in batches, as I don't quite trust the blender) I put in the torn-up kale pieces and some soaked chia seeds.

Success! My hair is quite frizzy today.

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