A poor eating decision weekend leads to this...

Not the healthiest meal, but somewhat conscious, at least.

Tonight's meal was vegan mac and cheeze, care of this blog, which looks like a good one! I found a vegan mayo recipe on there that I'm excited to use.

I think one of the biggest perks of being a vegetarian is the aesthetics - just look at these beautiful spices! Turmeric; ground mustard; garlic and onion powders; salt; the amazing, aromatic smoked paprika; and cayenne.

I did not have enough nutritional yeast (which I realized too late) - so I used less coconut milk and water than called for (which I should point out - I'm using coconut milk in place of a milk substitute, since I'm out of almond milk). With some miso, water, and lemon juice, I blended them all together (guessing at the portions since I was using less pasta and yeast than called for) -

And cooked and drained whole grain seashell pasta. Returning to the pot, I added the "cheeze" and 1tb cornstarch with 1tb water to thicken.

The side dish is roasted local zucchini and vine-ripe tomatoes. I used 2 large zucchini and 2 tomatoes out of this bunch of local produce from Local Fare:

Again, look at these gorgeous colors! Combined with some garlic:

Drizzled with olive oil and roasted at 450 for about 25 minutes.

Success! (Mostly)...

The mac and cheeze was a little bitter, so I stirred in some agave nectar. Next time I'll get the proportions right!

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