I have a lot to say about pasta.

I added a page to the blog today - a running list of my "pantry essentials." I'm going to add to it as I post, as a kind of "catch-all" advice for building a sustained pantry. I started to add in pasta, and then wrote a whole paragraph, then realized I was writing a post, and that didn't belong there.

So, pasta.

It's not really the devil. Speaking of "the devil," I made a meme today after being frustrated with insurance.

Though I can't imagine actually having to pay $300 for ultrasounds. Seriously, that's how much my insurance was billed. What the hell?

ANYWAY. Pasta.

Many people become vegetarian and only eat pasta. And then think being vegetarian makes you fat. Which it can, but so far (like 4-5 years now?!), I've maintained my weight. Not every meal I make is healthy, and not every meal has pasta. I can't say that I have too much of a scientific method for my meals, but pasta figures into about a meal a week. I try to be smart about pasta.

From a Google search a long time ago, I learned to eat "whole grain" pasta. Because health. I'm not an expert, so I won't chronicle why. Also I'm on a brain break. Because summer. I also learned not to pay attention to labels, but ingredients. I exclusively buy whole grain pastas - and I know they're whole grain because the ingredients say "whole wheat flour" or something along those lines. If your "whole wheat" anything contains "enriched" flour, versus "whole" something flour, you've got a deceptive package.

My purchasing method, as I've mentioned before, is BOGO. Publix has a lot of sales on pasta, and they usually have the whole grain pastas thrown in. I stick almost exclusively to the produce section of Publix, but I pass the sale boxes on the way in, and meander over anytime I see pasta. At the rate I use the pasta, this seems to work well. Here's my pasta cabinet:

Maybe it's more than I need? But I always have what I'm looking for. If you go over to my new PANTRY ESSENTIALS PAGE (I'm excited about it - can you tell?), you can see the types I stock. I also have a lot of oil - I suppose I'll do an oil-and-vinegar post eventually.

Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me.

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