Weekends are for breakfast.

My boyfriend and I have a weekend breakfast routine. If we're not craving Maple Street Biscuit Company (which to be honest, how can one ever not crave that?), we make a pretty large breakfast that usually makes us forego lunch.

In the months since he's lived with me, I've become rather adept at breakfast potatoes, and potatoes occupy a spot in my non-existent pantry.

It's important to boil the potatoes first, for taste and health. From the texture perspective, it makes the insides soft and allows the outside to crisp while frying. I chop the potatoes first (I like small pieces for extra crunch), the cover with cold water, salt the water, and boil for a few minutes until they slightly break up when pierced with a fork.

While they are boiling, I melt salted butter (unsalted if you wish, but they do not crisp as well in my experience) with an equal amount of olive oil in a cast-iron skillet. After draining the potatoes, I place them in the skillet with a dash of Spike seasoning (another pantry essential, but salty - don't be heavy-handed!), and let sit undisturbed for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes elapse, I stir/cook them to my desired crispness and season with more Spike in the last few minutes of cooking.

Another imperative component to our weekend breakfast is egg - made a number of different ways for me, and scrambled with season salt for him. I'll have to do a series on my different egg preparations, but this batch was cooked with some local farm-fresh spinach and topped with parmesan.

Not quite healthy, but definitely savory.

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