Variations on a theme, post 2.

I'm not much of a burrito person, and I like my tacos Americanized in the hard shell. For some reason, though, I got bitten by the burrito bug last week. I was imagining Chipotle's cilantro-lime rice, and though I never even get rice in my burritos (I find it overwhelming), I still can't fathom why I created a burrito with rice. But I did. And it was quite good.

I dug through my bin of beans, searching for pinto, and instead came across these Bob's Red Mill cranberry beans. They are soft and mild when cooked, and gorgeous when uncooked.

I wish they retained that striation after cooking, but alas - they resemble a cross between pinto and kidney beans. I added seasonings from my pinto taco beans, and a few splashes of lime juice.

These burritos required A LOT of dishes for being so simple. I used my rice cooker for brown rice, knowing my man would protest. He hates cilantro, too, so I made myself a little cup of rice with cilantro and lime. I am convinced one day I will get his palate accustomed to whole grain rice and tortillas. He's not so convinced.

I also sauteed some peppers and onions with butter for caramelization (I usually use olive oil) in my cast iron.

They made beautiful burritos - with added salsa, guacamole, Greek yogurt, and Mexican crumbling cheese.

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