More leftovers. No pictures. Incredible green beans.

I was the only one at home to eat my favorite Garbanzo and Tahini Casserole and there was a ton left. For my brother's first meal at my home as an official roommate, we had the casserole and these incredible sweet and sour green beans. Do yourself a favor and make this - it is one of the best side dishes I've ever made. Scroll down to get to the recipe, on page two. It comes from my amazing local produce delivery service, Local Fare.

I also made a salad from dandelion greens. That's right. Dandelion greens. They are slightly bitter, and seem to taste better warm. I made the dressing according to the recipe from here, Local Fare, again. I'm making their stuff a bit ad-nauseum lately, minus the nauseum for me. Maybe for you, dear readers. The salad was not so tasty left over, but it was quite good fresh.

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